Paper, Cut, Fold....

From my studio in Glasgow, I create works of art made entirely from paper.

Each piece is made by hand. Layers of large sheets of paper are mapped, measured, cut and folded into unique three-dimensional works. I repeat patterns across the page in grid forms and circles.

As I cut, concentric and spiralling geometric forms emerge from the paper. Shadows play with the edges and folds and each piece transforms throughout the day in different types of light.

- Katherine Rose

No. 4

I have always been inspired by Islamic architecture and tile designs, admiring how such vibrant geometric shapes could bring peace into a space.

This, one of my earliest large-scale pieces, aimed to recreate that effect.

The piece is held together by its folds alone, with no glue or tape used.


I was asked to create a mandala style image for a client inspired by flowers and using bold colours.

Studying the perfect petals of dahlias blooming in the late summer provided the inspiration.

As you move around the piece, it reveals the depth of each fold.


This was the first piece of work after I gave birth for the second time.

My work often starts as an experiment, but this shape soon spoke to me as a celebration of life.

I enjoyed how the cuts sculpted the paper without me even having to fold them.

Get in touch

Thanks for taking a look at a small sample of my work.

I love to design pieces for specific spaces. If you have a space or colour scheme in mind and would like me to make something bespoke for you, please get in touch and we can arrange to have a chat.

Finished original artworks are presented in box frames to protect the paper. Most works are 60 to 120 centimetres squared.

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